PIXELICIOUS……delicious pixels.  Okay, so I just made that up…….call the dictionary police! :)  Yes, it’s that time again….a New Year and a new chance to be everything you want to be.  I wonder if pixels can be considered delicious. If they’re so appealing and scrumptious and you just can’t help but love them, then yup….they’re delicious!  Maybe only in the eye of the image maker of course, but then aren’t most things pretty much subjective?  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pixeliciousness (uh oh, another one) of the images on these pages.  Please feel free to leave comments and/or critiques and check out the themes link at the top of the page.  My other sites are Images (2012) and Immagini Ancora (2011). I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to stop back anytime.




If you’re not familiar with St. Joseph’s Day, also known as the Festa di San Giuseppe (Feast of Saint Joseph), click HERE to find out about it!

st joseph's day2

A traditional treat for Saint Joseph’s Day is the zeppola, pictured below.  Zeppole are typical of Italian cuisine, especially that of Rome and Naples. They are also served in Sicily, Sardinia, on the island of Malta, and in Italian-American communities here in the US.  Zeppole are known by other names, including Bignè di San Giuseppe (in Rome), St. Joseph’s Day cake, and sfingi.  Some have custard filling and some cannoli filling but they’re both molto delicioso! (My fav is the cannoli filling  :D .)  If you’ve never had one, today is the day you’ll find them in many Italian bakeries…try it, you’ll like it!  I’m going out to get some later!  :)