This just so happens to be my favorite aria from my favorite opera….La Boheme (The Bohemians.)  And as for Pavarotti, well he was just the best…the world lost a treasure when he passed. Anyway, we went to the Met to see it for my birthday some years ago and it was so far beyond fabulous!!!  I dug out the program from my collection as I save them all.  🙂  So here’s my interpretation for this theme.  The aria can be found HERE with many thanks to Ivor for all the time, creativity and effort he put into this year’s theme list. Yeoman’s work Ivor!!!  As an aside, have you heard of the Broadway rock musical “Rent?”  Well, it is based on La Boheme but there is absolutely no comparison in my opinion.  Just a heavily watered-down wanna be!!!  ; )

210 Che gelida manina.

210 Che gelida manina2

14 responses to “210 – CHE GELIDA MANINA

  1. I have always wanted to see this but never have. Rent is on my list too! Awesome interpretation….and I echo your thoughts….Thanks Ivor! 🙂


  2. La Boheme is one of my favourites too, and that aria is beautiful. (It’s also the story used for the utterly mad 2001 musical movie Moulin Rouge, which I also like – there’s not much music I turn my back to.) I’m so glad you liked the themes.


    • It is so beautiful Ivor! I knew there was another relatively current something or other that was based upon this as well, but I couldn’t remember what it was. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂


  3. How great to be in a hub of opera performances! Our university has an opera workshop every spring that we attend as our daughters are violinists in the civic-university orchestra. It’s only a tease though. Nice viewpoint used in your program photo.


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