When I saw these boys on the train tracks, I immediately thought of a scene from the movie “Stand by Me” based on the novella The Body” by Stephen King.  Boys out of school for summer vacation; bored, looking for things to do and getting into all kinds of trouble!  Anyway, the scene I’m referring to is below.  LOVE Stephen King!  The second video is the outrageous “Family Guy” by Seth McFarland version.  LOVE Family Guy too!  🙂




                                                                                                                                        Just for fun…..the “Family Guy” by Seth McFarland version.


16 responses to “SUMMER

      • When I was younger (i.e. in my twenties-thirties) I would have read DOCTOR SLEEP in a heart beat… I used to love being scared out of my wits. THE SHINING is my first introduction to Stephen King and for awhile I read almost everything he wrote. But now, I don’t know. I loved 11/22/63 and it renewed my interest in SK . I think I’d like to read JOYLAND since I like most everything Hard Case Crimes publishes. But I’m not sure about DOCTOR SLEEP… but then again, how do I resist SK?

        I would think it a good challenge to work on an SK theme.


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