Here’s an oldie but goodie. . . . .a Kodak Duaflex IV twin-lens reflex camera, made between 1955 and 1960.  After doing a little online research, I purchased a roll of film on ebay and am going to give this little guy a shot or two, I hope it still works. I don’t think I’ve ever shot anything other than  digital. . . . .should be interesting!  HERE’S a link to the user manual, thank goodness!  Pretty cool. 😛



10 responses to “CAMERA

  1. Have fun…it’s always a surprise when one opens the envelope of developed photos…and I remember tears of disappointment when I would fail to get the end of the film roll secured and open the back of the camera only to find that the film hadn’t advanced! One gets so spoiled with digital! and with auto-focus too which I didn’t have on my film SLR’s. Oh, those were the days!!! Love your photo composition and processing…perfect for your subject, I think.


  2. I can remember being so careful not to waste film when out on a vacation . . . so many pictures never were taken. I for one love my digital camera, but do miss the adventure of the dark room developing.


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