These are berries on the Amelanchier tree in my yard.  The birds absolutely LOVE these.  Matter of fact, it’s only when these berries are on the tree that I see the beautiful Cedar Waxwings.

In My Yard



13 responses to “IN MY YARD

  1. Waxwings are gorgeous…the males look like little masked bandits. Watching the video made me wonder what would be the human equivalent of swallowing a whole berry??? Downing a plum?! 🙂 Your photo is lovely!


  2. The video is excellent! I never think of taking videos… but here is an excellent example of how much more can be captured in nature. Like the berry pic too..


  3. Lovely macro of those berries…great lighting! We had a pair of cedar waxwings stop through early this spring that we’d never had before. They are beauties. Thanks for posting the video too…interesting to see them gobble those berries.


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