So, does anyone remember The Court Street Bridge from last year’s blog that’s been open for about four months now?  You know, the one that took over 2 years and more than $20 million to re-build?  No…..well here it is!  I was planning on using it yesterday and this is what I came upon…..I had no idea what the problem was until I did a little research and found this quote from some mucky-muck – “We can’t move anything,” he said. “If there are any measures to be taken, it would be along the lines of further waterproofing or containing the systems, but they can’t be moved from where they are.”  Huh?????  Waterproofing???  Shouldn’t a bridge that goes over a river already be waterproofed??? Gotta love those bureaucrats.    



8 responses to “BRIDGE

  1. It does seem obvious that waterproofing would be an obvious criteria for a bridge that crosses water…. sounds like someone wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it came to specs for this!


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