“Weekly Photo Challenge: UNIQUE”

So not only is this building unique, but if you read on, you’ll see how much more uniqueness there is to this post!

The building on the left is the Stonehenge Apartments (obviously not the prehistoric structure in England 🙂 ) also known locally as ‘The Round House.” Fairly unique, right?  I didn’t live in ‘The Round House’ but I did live in the building to the right of it. Something REALLY unique happened there.  There was a UFO landing in the park directly across the street.  You can read an abbreviated account of the highly publicized event HERE.  It has even been featured in a History Channel documentary which is re-run occasionally. Matter of fact, it was re-run yesterday.  If you’d like a more detailed article about this incident, read  THE STONEHENGE INCIDENTS Part 1  &  Part 2 (page 8).  Scroll down in part 1 and you’ll see a photo of Mr. O’Barski standing in front of the Stonehenge. Pretty cool!   I can’t imagine it being any more unique than that!


15 responses to ““Weekly Photo Challenge: UNIQUE”

  1. Just discovered you blog- the composure is wonderful – Love the black background with swirls and the contrast of pics- bravo!


  2. Hi Madelaine,
    How fascinating! I imagine that whenever this building was constructed, it would have been seen as really “avant-garde”. No wonder the UFOs got nosy :).
    Happy Sunday to you.


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