Remember when you were little and how excited you were to get a new box of crayons?  Then you opened the box and smelled that unique aroma of wax and color pigments and paper wrappings all mixed together?????  Yeah, well it wasn’t like that when I opened these yesterday.  lol  Maybe the memory was more vivid than the reality (I think that happens a lot) or maybe now, crayons just don’t do it for me.  Actually, that’s probably it…..I much prefer something gold and sparkly in a small package!  🙂


23 responses to “CRAYONS

  1. Good Morning, Madelaine………Just like a woman……..the simple things in life that you found happiness and joy in give way

    to expensive frivolities……..just like a woman………….Have a good weekend………Richard

    And thanks for these emails……I really enjoy them…….


  2. Yes, I do remember the evocative smell of a fresh box of crayons – oh what joy! Especially if there was a flesh-coloured one in there… What simple things pleased us back then. I guess that kids of a certain age would still get a kick out of getting a brand bew box of crayons but they surely would not be cherished as much or nearly as long as they were for us.. Give ’em a ‘tablet’ though and WOW!

    Nicely captured Madelaine.


  3. I had to go run to my craft storage and dig for the new box of crayons…mine does have the old familiar fragrance but then it was purchased maybe 4 years ago. I always envied those who could have the LARGE JUMBO box of crayons as that was too costly with 6 in the family. Now I will buy a large box when they are on sale during the school supply frenzy every fall. Thanks for the image with the shallow DOF…makes it dreamy which is what these were.


    • Thank you KarenAnn…I bet yours are Crayola…these aren’t, maybe that’s why they don’t have that nostalgic odor! Also, you’re right about the jumbo box, we never got them either!


  4. I love the crayons! I have 3 sets on my drawing tables of different colours (older boxes). Nothing like them!! Thank you for the memories. Happy New Year!


  5. Not only do the new boxes not smell the same they don’t have the same range of colors or the same opacity as the old ones – you can thank the marketing departments for that!


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