231 – A DAY IN THE LIFE. . . .

. . . .of a Civil War reenactor.  A Day in the Life of The Beatles is HERE.

231_A Day in the LifeReSi

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22 responses to “231 – A DAY IN THE LIFE. . . .

  1. My husband being a Civil War buff–but, thankfully not crazy enough to be a re-enactor–I have been to many of these events. You’ve nailed one of those moments that blends history and fantasy.

  2. Beautiful Capture Madelaine! We have been to a few of the re-enactments in Concord and Sudbury, MA and it always amazes me at how serious the re-enactors take their role. A great image and a great image for the song!

    • That was taken back in 2011 when Ed and I were at a Burns Night Celebration in Rhode Island. This year’s celebration is on February 1st and I’m hoping they have a photographer there this year. I’d love and update

      • Ed started talking to me and I forgot where I was and posted that without completing my thought. Anyway, I’m hoping to get an updated picture of the two of us! Glad you liked the Avatar!

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